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Almost 2 decades of experience representing buyers and sellers in Memphis, Tennessee and all municipalities in Shelby County.  We vigorously represent the interests of our clients.  How can we assist?

All properties in Shelby County, Tennessee are being reassessed in 2021.  As a property tax agent, and former board member of the Shelby County Board of Equalization, we are the go-to source for appealing your property taxes.

When you need to know the true value of a property, you need an expert. Our firm provides appraisal products to most local lenders, as well as to Government-sponsored enterprises.  Find out about the appraisal process.

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Brian Mallory

It doesn't matter what type of residential property is in question. My extensive field work, education, and two decades of experience as a Tennessee-licensed real estate broker, certified residential appraiser, and property tax agent, make us qualified to provide multiple real estate services in Shelby County for clients ranging from national relocation companies to local lenders or individual businesses and consumers.