Property Tax Appeal Services

Mallory Property Tax Advisors is in the business of representing homeowners in appealing the appraised value of their homes by the Shelby County Tax Assessor's Office.
Our office prepares the Informal Review documentation (research/analysis/sales) and submits this information to the Assessor.  This documentation provides support for lowering your value.
The Assessor's Office, or an appraiser from their office, will then contact our office to discuss the documentation sent and either suggest a lower value, or schedule a meeting with a hearing officer.  If a meeting with a hearing officer is scheduled, the homeowner is notified of that date and, after that meeting, is notified of the results of that meeting.  If a reasonable value cannot be achieved by this point, our office will suggest a full appeal to the Shelby County Board of Equalization.  This meeting is scheduled, homeowner notified of the date, and notified of results after this meeting.
Scheduled meetings before the full Board of Equalization are rare, as our office, by this point, has presented a factual data-driven case for lowering your value.  Our office, in the last reappraisal cycle in 2017, was able to achieve lower values without having to schedule any full board meetings with the BOE.

What Information Do We Need from You?
1)  Property Address/Parcel Number
2)  Level of improvements/updates to the kitchen and bathrooms (we love pictures).
3)  Any significant improvements, such as an addition/added square footage/permits pulled/pool/guest house.
4)  Any significant deferred maintenance (pictures of peeling paint/rot wood/unfinished projects).
5)  Number of bedrooms and baths.
6)  Your opinion of the square footage.
7)  Any appraisal that you may have had done for purchase, or refinance, or for tax appeal purposes.
8)  Your name and phone number.
Email information to:
Once we have received this information, and researched your property, we will let you know if we can help.


If our office decides to take on your property tax case, we will ask you to sign a contract that allows our company to represent you in front of the Shelby County Tax Assessor, the Shelby County Board of Equalization, and/or the State Board of Equalization.  You are then a client of Mallory Property Tax Advisors, and we will advocate for you in getting your property taxes lowered.

We charge a $250 upfront retainer fee, and 25% of the first year's savings.
The upfront retainer fee includes researching tools/data collection, time, travel (if needed), and collections.  Once this fee has been paid, we research your property to determine various factors that affect value (examples include location influences, external obsolescence, deferred maintenance), research sales in the area that are similar, present this data to the Assessor's Office in the form of an Informal Review, communicate with the appraiser assigned to your property from the Assessor's Office, and make the case for lowering your property tax burden.  If an acceptable value cannot be achieved with negotiations with the Assessor's Office, a meeting before the Shelby County Board of Equalization will be scheduled, to plead our case before the board.
Once the Shelby County Tax Assessor, or Shelby County Board of Equalization, determines the new value and mails notification to the taxpayer, payment of 25% of the tax savings will be due.  For example, if we are able to reduce your yearly property taxes by $400, you would owe $100.

Contact Mallory Property Tax Advisors and put our experience to work for you when challenging your property tax assessment in Shelby County.

About Us
Brian Mallory was appointed by the Mayor of Memphis and Memphis City Council to serve as a board member on the Shelby County Board of Equalization from 2009-2011.  This board serves to examine, compare and equalize the county property assessments by the Shelby County Assessor and to provide citizens the opportunity to appeal and have a hearing regarding the assessed value of their property.

While serving on the Board of Equalization, listening to thousands of hearings of citizens, he noted the lack of professional representation for taxpayers.  In addition, most taxpayers representing themselves were not adequately prepared to present a case for lowering their property taxes, answer questions from the board, or answer questions by the appraiser from the Shelby County Assessor's Office.

A couple of years after dropping off the Board of Equalization, he obtained the property tax agent license from the State of Tennessee.  Mallory Property Tax Advisors was formed to provide professional property tax appeal representation for taxpayers in Memphis and Shelby County.
 Board of Equalization 2009-2011 (Brian Mallory seated third from right)


"As homeowners in Shelby County for 30 years, my wife and I have had the blessing of owning property that has increased in value.  As the value of the property has appreciate, however, so has the assessment by the county for tax purposes.  In the past we represented ourselves before the Shelby County Assessor's office, with positive results.  Beginning two reappraisals ago we did not get favorable rulings from the Assessor's office, and looked for professional representation.  We are so thankful to have found Brian Mallory/Mallory Property Tax Advisors as our property tax advisor.  I knew from the start that Brian was different - he promptly returned my call!  We were so pleased with Brian's pleasant and professional demeanor that I referred his services to my parents as well.  Brian persevered through the process for both of us, and we each received appreciable relief on our tax assessments.  I believe that Brian's experience on the Shelby County Board of Equalization, and the relationships that he has formed in the community give his clients a distinct advantage before the Assessor and the Board of Equalization.  It was such a relief to find someone with obvious good character with whom we could entrust our property tax finances.  We would recommend Brian Mallory to any of our friends without hesitation."

Mike & Susan Warner
Memphis, TN

"Having known Brian as a friend and appraiser for a couple of decades, I inquired whether he did tax appeals.  He informed me that he would be licensed as a tax appeal agent in the next few days and could do them at that time.  He visited my house, asked questions and took pictures.  What a surprise to find out he got the property value reduced by almost 25%!  This will save for years to come.  Thanks Brian!"

G. Treat Macdonald, SIOR, CCIM
Memphis, TN

"My partner and I recently purchased an investment property that was in disrepair.  With very little effort on our part, Brian was able to evaluate the property and write an appeal reducing our taxes by a substantial amount."

Baker Gross
Memphis, TN

"If you are considering disputing your assessment, my advice is to go to Brian first.  I tried to do it myself the first year and failed.  He is an expert and if there is a way to drop your assessment, he can get it done.  Thanks Brian, you saved me a lot of money."

Jerry Sealy
Memphis, TN

"We had a recent home appraisal from Brian Mallory/Property Appraisal that reduced our tax burden significantly.  Our home was purchased in 2004 and the property tax assessment had increased by 25% although the market value of the home had decreased.  Brian was able to get the assessment and taxes back to market quickly.  This was a large decrease in taxes since our home is one of the largest in the county.  Thanks Brian I had become frustrated trying to do it myself."

Dan & Lisa Palmer
Germantown, TN.